Ukraine can become a cause of impeachment Trump

Украина может стать причиной импичмента Трампу

Question of impeachment of the President of the United States Donald Trump (Donald Trump) again acute on the agenda of the Congress, as the new data is attributed to delay aid to Ukraine.

On Monday, the pressure in Congress on the question of impeachment against trump intensified since it became known that he ordered to suspend aid to Ukraine just a few days before called on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to conduct an investigation against the former Vice-President Joe Biden – possible opponent of trump in the presidential race of 2020.

The majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell stated that the intelligence Committee of the Senate will consider the complaint of the informant, who claims that trump tried to put pressure on the Ukrainian leader with the aim of getting political support. Even those Democrats who previously spoke out against impeachment, stating now that the charges against trump, if they are true, “constitute an irreparable crime.”

“These charges show an incredible threat to national security and the corruption of incredible magnitude,” say the Democrats.