Ukraine has invented a new scheme “autorised”

В Украине придумали новую схему "авторазвода"

The owners of “EuroBLECH” were in the sights of fraudsters.Scammers in Ukraine “hunt” to the owners of cars on avtonomera and coming up with new schemes of deception.

As a result, you not only lose money but also become a defendant in a criminal case, writes the with reference for Today.

The car of Alexander Beloshitsky removed the license plates. On the windshield left a mobile phone number. When the guy called this number, he was told that the rooms will return for $ 200.

“Robbers often hide these numbers. Call your family and friends, we started to rustle around the array , where I live, and found the neighborhood, by the trash can, my room. Then I stick them on the glue, I think the thieves is unlikely to take off,” says Alexander.

In one night hundreds of license plates disappeared from hundreds of drivers of the capital district Poznyaki. The victims were mostly owners of cars foreign numbers. The crooks know that the police will not help “euroshare” and make a duplicate license plate in Ukraine is impossible.

“We live in the third front, and near the first main entrance was buried [license plates] under the balcony in the ground. In our house there were about six cars cut, imagine,” – says a resident of Kiev Anatoly Baranovsky.

The target of the criminals was also a solid car for a few seconds with the machines remove the original badges and lights, which cost on average starts from 10 thousand hryvnia.

Lawyer Vadim Dynnik warns – those who pay a ransom to the scammers only to develop the criminal scheme. The expert advises to take care of a powerful mount headlights and license plates. In any case, you need to call the police, says lawyer.

“To have your number anywhere else, God forbid, not surfaced then in any accidents, crimes. Often the criminals use the numbers for the sake of appearances, and then there will be a lot of questions – where was the car, where were you,” warns Dynnik.

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