Ukraine has sent a note of protest over the opening of the Embassy “DNR” in Italy

Украина отправила ноту протеста за открытие посольства "ДНР" в Италии

The Ukrainian Embassy in Italy sent a protest note to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country due to the opening of the “mission of the DNR” in Verona.

This was reported by the press service of the Embassy in Facebook.

It is noted that the Embassy of Ukraine condemns and considers unacceptable the support of the militants in Italy, in particular, the opening 9 February “mission of the DNR” in Verona.

“The Embassy and the MFA of Ukraine in connection with it conducts activities of a political and diplomatic response: sent note verbale to the foreign Ministry of Italy, the Prefecture and the police headquarters of Verona, in which the protest against the anti-Ukrainian provocations aimed at undermining a common European position in support of the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state, it appears the legal status of this “mission”, – stated in the message.