Ukrainian became the Vice-champion of European biathlon

Украинка стала вице-чемпионкой Европы по биатлону

Ukrainian biathlete Yulia Zhuravok won a silver medal in the individual race at the European Championships, which takes place in Raubichi (Belarus).

Ukrainian made one mistake and lagged behind the winner Hanna öberg in 32 seconds, while the Swede made three inaccurate shots. The bronze medal went to the Belarusian Irina Krivko, reports “Bagnet” with reference to the edition “Today”.

Valya Semerenko became the 11th with four misses, Anastasiya Merkushyna took 18-th place, Olga Abramova finished 47th, they have five of inaccurate shots, Vita Semerenko with seven penalties, became the 52nd, and Hope Belkin is not finished.

The individual race. Women
1. Hanna Öberg (0+1+1+1) 48:13,1
2. Yulia Zhuravok (0+1+0+0) +32,3
3. Irina Krivko (0+0+1+1) +41,5

11. Valya Semerenko (1+2+1+0) +3:10,7
18. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+2+1+2) +4:03,2
47. Olga Abramova (1+3+0+1) +6:38,4
51. Vita Semerenko (1+1+1+4) +?:09,6
DNS Nadezhda Belkina