Ukrainian film “Donbass” will be shown at the Cannes film festival

Украинский фильм "Донбасс" покажут на Каннском кинофестивале

Ukrainian film “Donbass” directed by Sergei Loznitsa will be the opening film of the official programme “UN certain regard” at the Cannes film festival.

The film is based on documentary material and tells about the events that occurred in the East of Ukraine, and about the lives of people who are forced to adapt to new conditions of existence.

The shooting of the film took place in the winter in Krivoy Rog, the press service of the company Arthouse Traffic.

I should add that the “Donbass” was created by teams from several countries: Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, France and Romania. Writer and Director of the film made by Sergei Loznitsa, the operator Oleg Mutu art-Director Kirill Shuvalov. The tape was one of the winners of the Eighth competitive selection of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie.

“I am happy that I will be able to share the film with the most demanding audience – the jury and the audience of the festival in Cannes. For me it is very important to draw the attention of makers and politicians on the issue of Donbass.

As far as I can tell, this is the main problem of our time. We are not talking about one region, country or political system; it is about humanity and civilization as a whole and about each of us,” commented Sergei Loznitsa.

The release of the film in the Ukrainian film scheduled for 2018.

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