Ukrainian leading fully naked in front of the camera

Украинская ведущая полностью обнажилась перед камерой

Svetlana Katrenko undressed for Playboy.Leading the morning program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Svetlana Katrenko starred in tender and sensual photo shoot for men’s magazine Playboy. Popular TV presenter showed how to enjoy every moment of the morning.

Svetlana is sure – the fun starts with freedom, writes the with reference on the Facts.

“Freedom is to feel that all life is imbued with erotic, when you Wake up from a gentle hug and start the day with a leisurely caresses,” – says Svetlana Katrenko.

As a leading of channel “Ukraine” has told about the morning sex and your perfect start of the day.

“My perfect morning is the fact that you can spend in bed and not in a hurry. Unless it’s a broadcast channel “Ukraine” 🙂 do I Love morning sex? Yes, definitely. If I love morning? Definitely!”, says the star.

It should be noted that for Svetlana’s first experience shooting for a glossy men’s magazine. With this photo shoot, the host of “the Wound W with Ukraine” urges all women to reject stereotypes and live the way you wanted.

“For me, this photo shoot was a real challenge. It was the excitement and awkwardness. However, I am pleased that we managed to overcome them, to prove that every woman is beautiful and attractive. Even in the morning”, – says Svetlana Katrenko.

Украинская ведущая полностью обнажилась перед камерой

Украинская ведущая полностью обнажилась перед камерой

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