Ukrainian Makarenko moved to Anderlecht

Украинец Макаренко перешел в «Андерлехт»

The former defender of Kiev “Dynamo” Evgeny Makarenko has signed a contract with the top club of the championship of Belgium.

Anderlecht has officially confirmed an agreement with “Centracom” for 26-year-old Ukrainian. Makarenko signed with the club from Brussels, the contract for four years and debut in the new team Eugene will be able at the beginning of next season.

In the struggle for Makarenko the Anderlecht game managed to beat two of the German club, who currently are in the top 5 of the standings.

“I immediately agreed to the proposal about the transition. I believe in this project. Anderlecht is the biggest club of Belgium,” – says Makarenko his transfer to Anderlecht.

With Anderlecht Makarenko next season can compete for a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Belgian Grand after two rounds of the final stage of the League, Jupiler shares with AA Gent in second place.

Makarenko in January last year refused to renew the contract with “Dynamo”. The status of a free agent defender moved to the “Kortrijk”. In Belgium, the Ukrainian has played 29 matches in which he gave 2 assists.

On account of Yevhen Makarenko three matches the national team of Ukraine. Newly minted defender “Anderlecht” has not been called to the team in 2014.

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