Ukrainian singer told how her husband opened for her a new side

Украинская певица рассказала, как муж открылся для нее с новой стороны

The singer’s husband helps to care for a newborn son.Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Tarabarova, recently spoke about the early days of motherhood, does not cease to share with the audience the emotions she is experiencing due to the fact that recently gave birth to her first child. The singer told about how her husband helps her in the care of the baby, reports the with reference to RBC.

According to Svetlana, with the birth of a son, husband Alex opened for her.

“My husband really is an incredible father. He opened for me with unreal sides. It helps, even at night when I get up four times. The guards we pass, I feed, he does a “column”, then pampers he pampers me. That is, it is unreal. I’m even afraid to say that I have a husband, so as not jinxed and did not envy ” – enthusiastically shared his emotions celebrity.

Tarabarova admitted that she enjoys Babysitting, however, she tries to spend maximum time with her son and she manages to cope with the responsibilities of mothers.

“Help also close. My mother and husband. Help all. But in fact, the nurse yesterday said to me, “Svetlana, I need you to do or not?”. I myself just enjoying the process,” she added.

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