Ukrainian tried to smuggle in Russia the old order and books

Украинка пыталась вывезти в Россию старинные ордена и книги

On Saturday, February 16, at the checkpoint “Bachevsk” on the border with Russia frontier guards and employees of fiscal services have prevented attempt of export from Ukraine of items that probably constitute the cultural or historical value. This “Bagnetu” it became known from the press center of the State border service.

According to the gpsu, yesterday, the border guards during the inspection of the Luggage of one of the passengers of the minibus Mercedes, EN route to Russia, found a few vintage items. Among them – the officer’s dagger, two orders of red star, order of the Patriotic war, order of “badge of Honor” and three old books Dating back to the early and mid-twentieth century.

Also, today while checking in the control point “Konotop” of one of the carriages of the train “Moscow-Odessa” border guards found in the ceiling space of the passenger compartment pack with fifteen folding knives. It turned out that the product tried to move illegally through border 36-year-old citizen of Ukraine, a passenger of this train.

As explained in the SBS, discovery is taken, offenders administrative materials.