Ukrainian TV presenter gave the fan a personal star in the sky

Украинский телеведущий подарил фанатке именную звезду на небе

For girls this gift was an unexpected surprise.

Team program “Sravi way”, which aired on TV channel “Ukraine” on weekdays at 9:30, made a surprise for fans of the leader of the program Alexander skichko, naming a star after her name, writes the with reference for Today.

An unusual gift with his autograph presented itself lead directly on the channel “Ukraine”, where the girl was invited on a tour.

“Our “Sravi way” tells about the life of stars and their secrets. Therefore, after consulting with staff, decided to give such a gift, and not something banal. At the same time to show and tell, as everything we have on the channel is. I have a star already there – this is my beloved wife. So why not, especially since this one has not been done, and I love to surprise,” said the host of “Sravi way” Alexander skichko.

The gift was received by Anna Dmitrach that during an online conference instead of asking a question, wished Alexander a beautiful and long life, a compliment that touched the lead.

Note that for girls this gift was an unexpected surprise. “I was unrealistically nice to receive such a gift! This is really unexpected, and I don’t have enough words to describe all the emotions that are now experiencing! Huge thanks to Sasha and the whole team “Sarcofago the way”! In addition, it was always interesting to see how a TV works on the other side of the screen, since childhood wanted to be a journalist”, – shared his impressions of Anna.

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