Ukrainians and Russians have reported concerns about the possible outbreak of war

Украинцы и россияне заявили об опасениях о возможном начале войны

The results of the poll Security Radar 2019, conducted in seven European countries at the request of the organizers of the Munich security conference, showed that new wars in Europe, the most afraid of the citizens of Ukraine (60%) and Russia (59%).

In the survey, the results of which became available of the newspaper “Kommersant”, was attended by residents of Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Serbia. The likelihood of the outbreak of war in Europe completely sure 33% Ukrainians, 27% of them chose the option “rather agree”. Among Russians full confidence expressed 25%, “rather agree” — 34%. Most optimistic were residents of Germany — prospects of war are estimated at 5%.

Also, the majority of Ukrainians believe that the status of their country in the world is undervalued and they would welcome the introduction of new sanctions against Russia (54%). In addition, restrictive measures were made by residents of Poland (33%) and Latvia (15%).

In addition, the majority of Ukrainians (63%) and Russia (64%) agree that the conflict in Ukraine is exclusively an internal affair of the country and the government should handle it independently without interference from other countries.

Note 55-I the Munich conference on security will be held in the capital of German Bavaria on February 15-17.