Ukrainians will be able to pray in social networks

Украинцы смогут молиться в соцсетях

Wednesday, February 20, expired one year as father Vasily Hermaniuk, a priest of the UGCC of the Rock-Podolsk, calls on Ukrainians to join the common prayer in Instagram, which it started for everyone to work together to glorify God.

When this idea was proposed using the social network to everyone, the priest could not think it would be so popular in the vast Instagram: “If a man wakes up in the morning and the first step is to open Instagram to see who it liked and what left new, I suggest, in all conscience, spiritual alternative – to pray with me morning and evening prayer in the live broadcast and later, in record 24 hours. This kind of assistance to those who are waking up, forgot to say the “our father” and “hail Mary,” because one of the first actions in the morning and before going to sleep should be a prayer of thanksgiving”.

So Sunday prayer turned into a daily live broadcasts in the morning and evening with a short instruction and blessing.