“Ukrpochta” has warned of a possible delay in the delivery during the Christmas period

"Укрпочта" предупредила о возможной задержке доставки отправлений в новогодний период

Due to the increasing volume of sent parcels and letters, terms of delivery of correspondence “Ukrposhta” can be increased. We are talking about the new year and Christmas periods.

In “Ukrpochta” explain that at this time in emergency mode operates aviation infrastructure (airports, airlines, ground handling companies) and customs departments of Ukraine and other countries, but their bandwidth capacity is limited.

More information about where correspondence can be found in the contact centre (0800 300 545) or via the official page of “Ukrposhta” in Facebook.

“We remind you that implementation of the Express delivery of goods from the five largest cities of Ukraine, you can use the General solutions of company “Ukrposhta” and DHL Express“—warn Ukrainians.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in the regional offices of “Ukrposhta”, which was not connected to the gas supply and threatened with termination of delivery of pensions and bills for the consumed gas by the Ukrainians.

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