Uncharted : the movie is not dead and could have found his second Nathan Drake (and it is a good surprise)






It sees you coming with the famous question : “And Tom Holland ? “. Wait until you read the following article, you will understand.

We will begin by putting things flat, because the story of the film adaptation ofUncharted is not obvious to follow. In development for years, the project passed through various hands, has been thought for many actors, has taken several different paths. In short, a development quite complicated, as the popularity of the protagonist is daunting and the stakes monumental.

Adventurer looter, extremely talented to get into the bad tricks, has a sense of self-ridicule pretty amazing, and seductive in his spare time, Nathan Drake has very quickly made to have a huge potential for Naughty Dog. Normal, therefore, that Sony take the project with a hand of velvet for the future feature film.


Tell yourself that you always found someone to play me my coco


Since then, Shawn Levy has replaced Avi Arad to the realization and Joe Carnahan always takes care of writing the screenplay, which promises to be : ” […] as explosive as the games. Damn, I put everything I had ! “according to the main party. In the aftermath, the studios were later revealed to have found their leading actor for the role of Nathan in the person of Tom Holland. Except that problem, the actor was just 21 years old. As a direct consequence, users (and the world) have directly thought of a prequel to the story of Drake, and it all became a little hazy.

So far, we have accommodated this assumption. Except that a new player, and not anyone, just as a teaser its likely to come in the film. This latter is none other than Nathan Fillion , an actor repeatedly recommended by internet users, and fans, to embody Nathan Drake. This last has as usual published a post humorous on his account Instagram, taking care of nothing too revealing :



Sic Parvis Magna. 7/16/18

A publication shared by Nathan Fillion (@nathanfillion) on 11 Jul. 2018 at 1 :02 am PDT


The cards are handed in-game, and we, we are back once again in turmoil. Sic Parvis Magna is clearly a hint at Uncharted 4 : A Thief”s End, there is no doubt that everything is connected. If the actor of 47 years, which would be perfect in the skin of the protagonist, came to interfere in the project, then the main question remains : what is going to treat this film ?

It may be that Joe Carnahan has had the idea to draw on the fourth installment ofUncharted and intersect the past and present of Nathan Drake through the two actors. Anyway, this is rather good news, as the actor was acclaimed by the users. With a little luck, this announcement will come with a formalization of the part of Sony, as well as a future synopsis and a release date. There is more to wait until the 16 next July, the date indicated on the post Instragam of the actor to find out where hides the truth.


En route to the good news

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