Unhappy dress: stylist found an excuse for the failure of Russia at the Eurovision song contest

Несчастливое платье: стилист нашел оправдание провала России на Евровидении

Stylist Yulia Samoilova commented on the results of the competition.

In an interview with stylist representatives of Russia at Eurovision Yulia Samoilova Alisher owners said that the singer played in Lisbon in the unfortunate dress, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to From-UA.

According to the designer, he produced specially for Yulia “charged” suit in a Buddhist style, but she was not allowed to act in it. “For Eurovision, Julia turned to me, so I made her an outfit. And I was surprised when I saw the next day that she wore a different dress. I don’t even know where it came from,” said the stylist.

According to him, he offered Samoilova to go on stage at all just jeans and sneakers. “You need to be understandable accessible and understandable girl.

However, we have rules the First channel, who will listen to me. Julia was asked to make her a pretty dress I made. It was pouring, with a touch of Buddhist of something, she was a forest fairy flowers. It is with this design – a piece of land, mountains, waterfall – very merged. This was natural,” commented master your plan.

He added that he was very disappointed to see the screen Yulia in a different dress. “Perhaps she was forced. I hadn’t heard from her. I had to go there to accompany her, but the First channel to us such possibility is not provided” – he suggests.

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