United states: at the end of the survey the Russian, its key elements, possibly known this weekend

Etats-Unis: fin de l'enquête russe, ses éléments clés possiblement connus ce week-end

The special prosecutor, Robert Mueller has released Friday its report of the investigation on the suspicion of collusion between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump in 2016 and the minister of Justice may be as early as this weekend to reveal the substance.

Bill Barr, Attorney General of the United States, hopes to deliver the “key findings” of the investigation report is awaited to the members of the judicial commissions of the Congress “as soon as this weekend,” he assured in a letter addressed to the parliamentarians.

The White House has indicated that it is not “having received the report of the special prosecutor,” or “having been advised of its content”.

“The next steps are the purview of the minister of Justice (Bill) Barr, and we look forward to the process to take its course,” added the spokesperson of the executive american, Sarah Sanders.

Congressional democrats have indicated that they were ready to assign the government to court to ensure that this report is ultra-sensitive, that touches the heart of power in the United States, is accessible to all Americans.

Even if Robert Mueller did not provide evidence of agreement between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump, observers believe that it could accuse the billionaire republican has tried to obstruct the investigation, due to the pressures of verbal that he has exerted on the former minister of Justice Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, or by dismissing the head of the FBI James Comey in may 2017.

Mr. Trump himself appeared on Friday, in an interview on Fox, expect to be accused of obstructing justice.

The president continues to repeat that there has been no “collusion” and denounces the last two years a witch-hunt.

The former head of the FBI under presidents George W. Bush (republican) and Barack Obama (democrat), Robert Mueller was appointed in may of 2017 as “special prosecutor” by the ministry of Justice to ensure the independence of investigations on this folder is extra-sensitive.