Unknown drones hinder rescuers to put out fires in California

Неизвестные дроны мешают спасателям тушить пожары в Калифорнии

Crews continue to fight fires Northwest of Los Angeles, although the majority of fires in California over the last two weeks currently localized to 70%. However, there have been reports about drones that prevent firefighters from doing their job.

Flash Maria Fire Thursday night added a new Chapter in the ongoing struggle of the state with destructive flames. The situation has forced Governor Gavin Newsom to take a state of emergency not only in the counties of SONOMA and Los Angeles, but across the state.

According to the representative of the fire Department Ventura County Mike Desforges (Mike DesForges) at least two unknown drones prevented the helicopters dropped water to extinguish construction in Santa Paula.

“The helicopters were to arrive every time at 30-40 minutes, but they were prevented by drones – said Desforges. – They are hard to see, but they are threatened with disaster in the event of a collision with the helicopter.”

The evacuation orders are still in force for most of the affected area.