Useful links and apps for new Yorkers

Полезные ссылки и приложения для жителей Нью-Йорка

Useful links and apps for new Yorkers

Author: Victoria Wright

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Living in new York can be difficult and expensive, but any self-respecting “Gotama” without a doubt hasten to assure you that the Big Apple is the best city on earth, and differently cannot be. Whatever it was, but in new York you can easily find information on any interested citizens or tourists subject, whether it’s Parking, accommodation or restaurant choices. For this, there are dozens of sites and applications that can be lost as easily as in Times Square in the day.

For at least a little to make your life easier, we have compiled a small list of online resources and apps that will be useful for both citizens and tourists.

Official data and General information

New York is flooded with data, and to sort them all out for the Big Apple created its own domain (.nyc). City officials publish more than 11,000 data packets, including the police, fire service, housing Department, transport Department and other government departments. They are all available for public use free of charge. Using official data, you will easily be able to find out

where are all the Parking spaces

in the city, or in any of the areas people most often

complain of rats.

A lot about current programs, initiatives, as well as official events can be found on

the city Council’s website.

In addition, the necessary information can always be found at

LinkNYC terminals,

installed throughout the city. Each such point has a Wi-Fi-router, distributed free of charge Internet terminal for free calls to landline numbers, as well as a USB port for charging devices and a panic button to call police.


Possibilities for movement in new York is very broad. Citizens and tourists can select the most suitable for them mode of transportation, starting with metro and buses and ending the city’s taxi service and their main

competitors Uber and Lyft.

To deal with all types of municipal transport, you can look at

the website of MTA,

which publishes the current changes in the schedule of movement of buses or subway trains.

Commuter trains, airports, tunnels and private buses in charge of the Port authority of new York and new Jersey, which, of course, there are

official website

which contains all the necessary information.

Alternative public transport service is

which is a cross between a taxi and a bus. Vans pick up passengers at special stops, or they can be hailed on the streets as a taxi. Trips to these “taxis” are quite inexpensive — only $2-4.

If you prefer a taxi, you can try to stop one of the famous yellow taxi or use

one of the vehicle applications

which in the Big Apple now a lot of functions. To calculate the approximate cost of the trip at city taxi you can use

online calculator

where everything is intuitive and simple.

If you want to get from point A to point B, use the app


The resource is open in many cities around the world, offering several options of the route with indication of all necessary details. For better orientation in terrain suitable resource,

card which contains marks of all the attractions, shops and various institutions.

If you like

the movement of the bike

in new York there is an official public Bicycle program called


You don’t need an app to use CitiBike, but it helps to keep and organize information about your trips. In addition, the app shows the nearest CitiBike stations where you can take a bike and leave it after the trip.


Personal vehicle use has its pros and cons, but it still is common in the Big Apple. The main question being asked by motorists in new York is surely a “Where to Park?”. The easiest way to keep the car on the street. To this end, the city used


The terminals (usually one per quarter) allow you to purchase Parking time. They give you a receipt that shows when the prepaid time expires.

Gradually new York is moving to a new system of paying for Parking called


In this case, the payment is carried out through the application. When you Park, enter the six-digit area code and the time that you need in your application. The program stores your location (and shows it on the map) and zoom you 15 minutes before the expiration of the paid time.

A good assistant can become motorist app


which collects data from Parking meters in all Parking lots near you and shows the number of available places on each of them, along with the rates and options of the best places to Park. With this app you can book Parking by using your smartphone to be sure that no one will take.


To find suitable housing for rent in new York sometimes seem to be a daunting task. Wishing to find the ideal option will be very difficult to track all offers available on the market and even more so to find an apartment to fit your individual needs. Fortunately, team has already prepared for you

a list of 9 tried and true Internet resources for finding an apartment in new York.

Here we just mention a few examples. Before you contact a realtor, who will have to pay for the services, try, use such sites as

Naked Apartments




Entertainment and usefulness

Worse than finding housing, situation with only a choice of restaurants. Thousands of restaurants and eateries in new York promise it is tasty to feed, and so that you’ll be back there again. However, not all owners clean the hands, despite their advertising slogans. Fortunately, there is an app

Inspector Ralph,

which, based on the user’s location and open data from the Department of health, shows you how nearby restaurants coped with the last test. Inspector Ralph shows not only the assessment, but details of the audit.



monitors promotions, happy hours at bars in the East Village, LES, Williamsburg and Fort Greene, but also makes it faster to place an order. Convenience and savings — what you need to live in a big city.

Another useful NYC Wifi + Coffee offers a list of locations, mostly small cafes and parks with free Wi-Fi and access to a bracing aromatic beverage.

At times incredibly helps app


which allows users to pay for a pass to the bathroom, located in private offices in new York. The app shows the user a map that indicated the nearest restrooms, you can purchase one-time entry pass in price from 99 cents to 8.99 dollars. After purchase, you have one hour to get to the right building and do their business.

Shoppers will enjoy the app

PS Dept.

If you need to buy a specific thing, just leave a message in the app that describes the desired purchase (e.g., a piece of clothing or accessory). After that, employees from dozens of the most fashionable shops in the city, including Stella McCartney, Barney’s and

Bergdorf Goodman,

will send you pictures of what they have in stock. If something catches your fancy, you can buy it directly from the phone. In addition, useful program


informing about all the sales.

The name of the app

Central Park App

speaks for itself. It literally compresses the 843 acres of green space in the heart of Manhattan to the size of your phone. It has a map (including a GPS locator), calendar events and even audio walking tours of more than 40 most popular sites in the Park, well-read celebrities from new York, for example, Michael Bloomberg and Yoko Ono.

The material was first published 18 November 2017.

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