Users of social networks laugh the leader of “DNR” (video)

Пользователей соцсетей рассмешил главарь "ДНР" (видео)

Internet users ridiculed archival photo of the leader of the group DNI Dennis Pushilin, made before the war in the Donbass. Then he was a member of the financial pyramid MMM.

With the Telegram in his channel shared by the journalist Denis Kazan.

“The team Mavrodi went well. Sorry, Sergey panteleyevich didn’t make it. By the way, why is this a miracle-the economist now do not dual the money of the residents of the DNI in 20 minutes?”, he said.

How wrote on his page in Facebook the journalist Andrey Dikhtyarenko, in the spring and summer of 2014, in the midst of war, the future head of the DND opened offices MMM and advertise this pyramid scheme in Thailand.

“Very revealing video, shot them in Kiev 2014, where he talks about the confrontation on the Maidan in the key, so that now in front of the mm providers do have tremendous possibilities. As you can see, he was able to use them,” – said the journalist.

Also noted Dikhtyarenko, in parallel with the “Donetsk Republic” Alexei Muratov, who has already served time for financial fraud in India, now develop their own cryptocurrency PRIZM.

“All the circumstantial evidence, you guys continue to support my pyramid “system”. As we remember, MMM repeatedly mimic the Bank, under a political party, now under the crypt. Will follow, what these quirky little guys will turn DNR”, – naisal Dikhtyarenko.