Vaccine: a link between MMR and autism? A new study published

Vaccin: un lien entre ROR et autisme? Une nouvelle étude publiée

While the existence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism is predicated on many sites complotistes and by some doctors in disgrace, a large Danish study has just been published, confirming that there is nothing to say that this product would have such side effects.

The MMR vaccine (measles, oreillon, rubella) could cause autism in the child. This theory has been present for many years on the Internet, where the distrust anti-vaccine has gained momentum in recent years, but is again denied.

Surfing on this distrust, many sites complotistes do not hesitate to ensure that the aluminum used as an adjuvant in the vaccine can cause this developmental disorder. But a new Danish study published in the Annals of internal Medicine in the United States comes once again to deny the existence of such a link.

These searches stand out by the number of observed cases. What are 650,000 kids vaccinated who were followed up between three and four years after their birth. This study concluded that the MMR vaccine “does not increase the risk of autism, does not trigger autism in children at risk (with risk factors, editor’s NOTE) and is not associated with a clustering of cases of autism after vaccination”.

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Several other studies were previously arrived at this conclusion. In 2017, the Inserm recalled the face of the growing popularity of the opposite view: “There is scientific evidence very strong the absence of a link between vaccination against measles, or the vaccine measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and inflammatory bowel disease or autism. It turned out that the study suggesting a link between MMR vaccination and autism was a scientific fraud”.

The fraud in question concerned the research of Andrew Wakefield, a british doctor struck off for having published these false theories in 1998, but is still present as a doctor in the conferences that he hosted in the United States, where it is close to the circles ultraconservateurs. He has always maintained his claims. His study focused on 12 children with autism.

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