Venom : a few references to the comics and Spider-Man that you would have missed






The film by Ruben Fleischer is out in theaters last Wednesday. Disappointment or not, the film is full of references. Decryption.

Sony has finally decided to come out in cinemas the card of the Spider-Verse, starting with Venom, a film directed by Ruben Fleischer and worn by Tom Hardy. If the film is done badly criticize by the press and spectators (not to say that it was a carnage, and make a bad play on words), the feature-length film bore already the scores for the cinema. Quickly the film has already earned more than $ 102.8 million on the u.s. territory and 229,9 million at the global box office.

In short, it does not please the critic, but he is walking among the public. The opportunity to come back, very quickly, on a few references (or easters eggs) friendly.



The definition of the loser according to Sony



In the film, Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are at the restaurant. While Tom Hardy, embodying the character of Eddie Brock, explains to his girlfriend that he did not want to do an interview. It reminds him gently that he had been fired from his previous newspaper, the Daily Globe, in New York. This same journal, which happens to be the biggest rival of the Daily Bugle held by J. Jonah Jamenson. An essential reference to the passage where Eddie Brock is dismissed for serious misconduct because of Spider-Man.

In the comics, it is at this precise moment that Eddie Brock knows his descent to the underworld, and is found in the church at the moment where Peter Parker tries to get rid of his symbiote. And yes, as in Spider-Man 3, you’ll see, you’ll change your perception of the film very soon. Except that in the movie Venom, Eddie worked for the Daily Globe, and not for the Daily Bugle. Clever Sony.


And bam, it inserts the competitor to avoid any reference to Spider-Man



To understand that is the name of this “unknown”, it must go back to the origin of the creation of Venom. There are years back, a fan of Spider-Man wrote a letter to Marvel suggesting a change of look for the spider man and what, by imagining such a black suit. Subsequently Marvel embraces the idea and buys him for the modest sum of $ 220. This suggestion will be given ideas for the house mother who will reflect the character of Venom.

The symbiote will actually be his name that when he meets Eddie Brock in 1988 in the Amazing Spider-Man number 298. All this for what ? Because the fan in question was called Randy Schueller, and that Tom Hardy/Eddie Brock lives in The Schueller Building. Beautiful tribute.


Nice costume, at the beginning.



During his very brief stint in a symbiotic relationship with the symbiont extraterreste, Anne (Michelle Williams in the film) becomes a female version of Venom, like the comics. If She Venom will not have been long in the comics, she has had a small adventure, which was released in 1995 in the arch Sinner Takes all. In the comics, Anne and Venom are related because the ex-wife of Eddie Brock was shot dead, which has occurred as a consequence of life-saving. A bit like Tom Hardy at the end of the film.

However, the comicbook did not end as well as in the film because she died subsequently.


Nightmare Vision



At the beginning of the movie, when the shuttle was returned to Battleword approach the earth before crashing in a storm of fire and break-in, the film makes a brief mention of a survivor by the name of “Jameson”. What in any other film would simply be a line of dialogue disposable, but not here.

The name Jameson is in fact a tribute to the character in the comics, John Jameson, who in addition to being the son of J. Jonah Jameson (the editor-in-chief of the Daily Buggle) is also the astronaut known to have brought the symbionts on Earth. Later he would even become a werewolf. For the anecdote, the character appeared in Spider-Man 2 portrayed by Daniel Gillies.


John Jameson, who made planting on the day of her marriage in Spider-Man 2.


Of course, I could not finish this list without mentioning Carnage ? One of the antagonists of the most famous of Venom and the de facto Spider-Man. In one of the scenes post-credits, we see Tom Hardy again became a journalist visiting Cletus Kasady in his cell and that appears on the screen in the form of Woody Harrelson. What’s more, the last line of dialogue of the actor is itself a reference to the comics : ” when I will be free it will be a true carnage “. Now that that is said.

However, for the anecdote, know that in the comics, Eddie Brock and Cletus meet because they are neighbors roommate in the same cell. When Venom comes to issuing Brock from his imprisonment, he contaminates without wanting to Cletus, who will become the result : Carnage.



Of course, the film is full of other easters eggs to the comics, and it is here that a simple exhaustive list. Venom is already in the rooms, and we can only encourage you to go make your own opinion of the film. Our critique is available here.


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