Venom will not stop at the box office, and stands permanently in the face of Marvel






Venom is one of the big success stories of the year at the box office.

Where is he to stop it ? Probably very far away, but no matter : Venom is a spectacular success. The film Ruben Fleischer has surpassed 800 million at the box office. It is a success more fabulous for Sony, who was attempting here to launch an expanded universe in the world of Spider-Man without Spider-Man.

Released in October in France, the blockbuster with Tom Hardy has collected more than 822 million at the global box office, including 211 at the box office domestic. We track the place of Mission : Impossible – Fallout to become the fifth biggest hit of the year. And even if it does not go over the top (The Incredibles 2 is fourth, with $ 1.2 billion), it represents a great victory for the studio.


Grab the competition by the throat


822 million, this is more than Wonder Woman (821,8 million), Suicide Squad (746,8 million), Justice League (657,9 million), Man of Steel (669 million). In the expanded universe of DC, only Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice (873,6 million) did better.

Side MCU, Venom is placed in front of The Guardians of the Galaxy (773,3 million), Captain America : The soldier winter (714,3 million), Doctor Strange (677,7 million), or Iron Man 2 (623,9 million).

It is to be found not far away from Spider-Man : Homecoming with its 880 million.

It is also more than Deadpool 2 (734,2 million) and Ant-Man and Wasp (eur 622.6 million), released this year.


Spider-Man faces his future


With a budget excluding marketing of about $ 100 million, Venom is a direct consequence of the agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios around the character of Spider-Man. A deal which has helped revive once again the man-spider, this time in the MCU, for a number of appearances predefined : two films solo (Spider-Man : Homecoming and Spider-Man : Far From Home) and three other films (Captain America : Civil War, Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers 4).

This version of Peter Parker being subject to the terms and conditions, Sony has sought a way to use the popularity of the character, bypassing the rules. Where this Venom without Spider-Man, launched as a big test to measure the public’s interest in the universe around the super-hero. However : The Living Vampire with Jared Leto will be shot very soon, and a host of other projects has been announced.


The guinea pig Venom


Despite a critical overall very negative (you can find ours here), Venom has clearly found its audience. For Sony, it is therefore a green light to be absolute, and a boulevard to start multiple films derivative of Spider-Man. However : The Living Vampire with Jared Leto will be shot very soon, and a host of other projects has been announced.

While the deal between Sony and Marvel Studios will end with Spider-Man : Far From Home (in theaters July 3, in France), and that the great question remains whether the two studios will want to continue this collaboration, the success of Venom should definitely give the assurance to the Sony. Given the success of the first in China (more than 242 million), and co-local with Tencent Pictures, it is in addition evidence of a very good business strategy for producers.

Venom 2 has not yet been officially announced, but a release date has likely been programmed.


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