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Californian Car Accident Attorneys

Are you entitled to receive compensation for an accident that wasn't your fault? Our team of auto accident specialists can streamline the painful process of driver negligence. We have a track record of getting insurance companies to concede on behalf of our clients. Reach out to us so we can get you get you the compensation you deserve!

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Car Accident Law

Distracted Driving

Have you been injured in an auto accident because of the negligence of another driver? You're entitled to compensation.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence is against the law. If you or loved one has been injured, contact us today to for financial compensation.

Mechanical Defects

Were you in an auto accident because your vehicle had a mechanical defect? Contact us to discuss your rights.


If you have been injured due to speeding and reckless driving, you are entitled to a financial settlement.

Failure to Stop or Yield

You shouldn't have to pay for other drivers failing to abide by the legal rules of the road. Call us today if you've been in an accident.

Driving While Fatigued

Were you in a car accident because the other driver dozed off behind the wheel? Contact us to discuss your legal options.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our lawyers specialize in automobile collision law and can help you with attaining the best possible outcome. We have an impressively strong track record of squeezing more out out of big insurance corporations to maximize our clients reimbursement on their claims.

You or loved one shouldn't have to suffer financially or physically due to the carelessness of others on the road. Our team of seasoned car accident lawyers are here to discuss your claim free of charge so that you may take the next steps to recovery. Reach out today.

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Our specialized team of car accident attorneys take the guess work out of your auto injury claim and ensure you receive the highest possible compensation. Contact us today for your free, no strings attached consultation to discuss your case.

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Our Attorneys

  • Auto Accident Lawyer Solromar

    His experience includes more than 30 years as a car accident attorney and works in complex Litigation that directly affects hundreds of cases per year.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Solromar

    Come to our office near us in Solromar or Solromar and we will couch call or helicopter in your vicinity. Many people who talk to the insurance companies leave before they have a chance to learn all of the different ways the insurance company may try to get the victim to sign off on the settlement they are offered. If you were injured in an accident due to someone elses negligence you need a qualified Car Accident Lawyer Sometimes employees or landlords can make it hard for folks who simply want their personal injury case settled time and time again. You know how badly youve been needled by an insurance company from time to time but how do you put a dollar amount on that need You turn to your injury attorney for answers.

  • Solromar Car Wreck Lawyer

    Those who suffer severe injuries in auto accidents should seek personal injury lawyers. At E&D Car Accident Lawyers we want to make sure that justice is served for the countless victims of distracted driving that have suffered due to someone else. The information contained on this website is not formal legal advice nor is it formal legal representation. The true toll includes the many innocent people who are killed or seriously injured in the auto accident as well as the many more who suffer even larger physically and psychologically.

  • Solromar Car Accident Attorney

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers provides free consultations on all liability and insurance matters. If you have been in a motorcycle car pedestrian bicycle or truck accident you need to hire an attorney to represent you. A traffic accident lawyer can help you but you should first consult with an experienced Solromar car accident attorney. Many of these accidents are the result of someone elses negligence or recklessness.

  • Solromar Car Crash Lawyer

    We represent the people of Solromar in negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf and we are always prepared to fight for you in court. The E&D Car Accident Lawyers reports that about two million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year the vast majority of which are due to the carelessness and recklessness of motor vehicle drivers. If you have been hurt then you may be entitled to compensation for your pain suffering and medical bills. Our Solromar personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

  • Car Crash Attorney Solromar

    If you have been involved in a car crash it is important that you speak to an attorney before trying to handle the situation on your own. If you were involved in a car accident due to weather conditions especially rain or heavy winds its important to know that insurers will try to minimize your settlement. There are countless personal injury lawyers in Solromar but some lawyers somehow end up at the wrong place or another and this can affect an injury victim. In certain cases you may also have the option of pursuing a personal injury claim on your own personal injury claim or in a class action lawsuit if an injury isnt adequately covered by insurance.

  • Solromar Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    We have the best injury lawyers in Solromar working on your case to make sure every detail is taken care of properly. Never try to represent yourself in a bike accident personal injury casea skilled Solromar bicycle accident lawyer can help you fight to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call at 9026590265 for a free consultation with a Solromar or E&D Car Accident Lawyers lawyer today. When you hire a Solromar drunk driver accident attorney they will handle all of the costly litigation for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

  • Solromar Attorney

    We know that you need compensation for medical bills lost wages pain and suffering and other damages that you have had to suffer because of your accident. With extensive experience in settlement jobs E&D Car Accident Lawyers can take the strain of dealing with the insurance companies off your plate. Our car accident attorneys have been assisting victims of motor vehicle accidents in the same community for over a decade. Our experienced attorneys have never backed down from a challenge.

  • Car Crash Attorney Near Solromar

    If youre concerned about how youre going to afford expensive medical care funeral expenses or lost wages you already struggle with these issues on top of the trauma of being seriously injured in a car accident. The insurance company for the atfault driver will have lawyers working for them. If you or a loved one is contemplating the legal path following a car accident it is important to tread carefully. Whether you are a minor infant or you are walking through a hospital wing you have experienced your health in some form or another.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Solromar

    We take new clients on a contingency fee basis which means you dont pay unless we win your case. When you have suffered a serious personal injury this firm will keep your case ab. When the insurance adjuster sees that you are represented by the truck accident lawyers they will stop asking questions that could prove troublesome later on. Then we will fight for you and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Car Accident Solromar

    Every car accident case is different and the amount of time it takes to conclude your Solromar car accident case will depend on a number of factors most of which are best left to the discretion of your car accident lawyer. Vehicle accidents such as those involving serious injuries are a Floridawide problem. We welcome you to give our name our law firm and our services a call. Solromar injury lawyers can also assist clients with obtaining compensation for property damage and medical expenses.

  • Car Accident Attorney Near Solromar

    As you can imagine our car accident attorneys have been in communication with E&D Car Accident Lawyers and his team. There is a lot you can do after a car accident to file a lawsuit although most people think it over. If you need an experienced and dedicated personal injury law firm contact us today for a free consultation. If you are injured in a car accident that was not your fault you need to work with an experienced car accident lawyer who can investigate your case and help you build a strong claim.

  • Car Wreck Lawyer Near Solromar

    THE PROBLEM E&D Car Accident Lawyers and E&D Car Accident Lawyers are former insurance defense attorneys in Solromar who want to give you the best legal representation in the industry. Thats why you need a Solromar car accident lawyer from our law firm to evaluate your case. The firm also has impressive reputation among local residents. Salas are experienced personal injury lawyers who have recovered millions of dollars for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents.

  • Car Wreck Attorney Solromar

    Please call 9026590265 to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal injury or wrongful death case with one of our E&D Car Accident Lawyers personal injury attorneys. Are you unable to travel to your physical location due to your injuries Or are you worried about the psychological impact of a traumatic accident resulting in a loss of work and a multitude of expenses Then you could benefit from one of the most reputable car accident lawyers in Mobile AL. Eight people sustained injuries during a threecar crash on the Solromar. Our attorneys are here to help navigate your way through the insurance claim and settlement process.

  • Collision Attorney Solromar

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers has tried countless cases in the vicinity of truck collisions with twovehicle accidents. The Hailsprings law firm has successfully recovered these damages in car accident cases. Thank you E&D Car Accident Lawyers for helping accident victims in My Solromar. The E&D Car Accident Lawyers of E&D Car Accident Lawyers has spent years successfully helping clients in the Solromar area obtain compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents.

  • Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Solromar

    E&D Car Accident Lawyers has been helping clients win justice and compensation for their injuries since 1987. In order to recover compensation for your damages the written policy and Handbook Criteria for Motor Vehicle Accident Injury lawyers will have several factors to consider. The Solromar associates specialize in helping the victims of all types of Serious Auto Accidents See Accidents and Accident Related Accidents. Eventually the firm assembled a team of investigators and specialists who provided countless years of experience in investigating and evaluating cases involving personal injury.

  • Collision Lawyer Near Solromar

    Vice Chairman E&D Car Accident Lawyers has been selected to the Solromar Super Lawyers an honor that recognizes outstanding lawyers in New York who demonstrate superior qualifications in various practice areas. Although your first concern should be submitting a claim to your insurance company it is important to take action as soon as possible. Get more information about auto accidents and car accidents in Solromar on YouTube. Its not like youre just throwing together a case your attorney is handling them.

  • Solromar Injury Lawyer

    Debt Relief If you have medical expenses from car accidents that have been cited as costing you money you may be entitled. Contact our bicycle accident lawyers in Solromar if you have been injured in a crash. At E&D Car Accident Lawyers our auto accident attorneys can help you pursue remedies against whoever caused your accident or injured you. No one expects to be injured but if an accident happens and you are not at fault you are entitled to fair compensation.

  • Vehicle Accident Lawyer Near Solromar

    With more than 40 years of experience legal representation and results on our side our personal injury firm chooses to dedicate our attention and resources to each client. You may also ask yourself who is liable for the car accident All of the responsible parties will be liable for the amount of car accident related injuries that resulted from their negligence. Responding officers to the scene of the accident found the driver of the target vehicle erratic and uncooperative. More than just an accident attorney E&D Car Accident Lawyers is committed to helping people recover costs associated with medical bills lost wages and other costs associated with personal injuries.

  • Solromar Collision Lawyer

    Our objective in each of our cases is to make sure that your needs are taken care of. After completing the medical treatment and healing from your injuries contact a personal injury attorney. However insurance adjusters are trained to settle claims through negotiation and their job is to protect their company. In fact the insurance company or its subsidiary the drug company the real estate developer or other entity responsible for compensating you for the harm done to you will often pressure injured individuals to try to fasttrack a settlement worth much less than their losses.

  • Car Crash Lawyer Near Solromar

    In Solromar the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is only two years. Its important for your attorney to get details about the circumstances of your crash from the other drivers insurer and vice versa. Compliance with the Labor and Employment Relations Code is followed in all of those roles though all lawyers at Justia are free to choose their own practice areas. Our lawyers will help evaluate your case and determine a weighty framework for your individual situation.

  • Collision Lawyer Solromar

    Our Solromar auto accident lawyers represent car crash victims just like you and they will be able to guide you through the claims process and take on the insurance companies on your behalf. When you have suffered an injury in an accident the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer can quickly skyrocket. This will ensure that the insurance company takes advantage of you. In addition in 2016 there were over three million motor vehicle accidents reported throughout the state.

  • Collision Attorney Near Solromar

    If you have been seriously injured dont go anywhere without calling one of our experienced lawyers. Road Accident Attorney have years of experience handling complicated car accident cases. You may have to deal with serious injuries and will need ongoing medical care over the long term. The longterm effects of a motor vehicle accident can be unpredictable at best.

  • Solromar Car Wreck Attorney

    The Solromar car accident attorneys at E&D Car Accident Lawyers have the skill and knowledge to help you pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled. A parent is the perfect person to speak with regarding property damage accidents that happened on the road and highways and minor accidents. Dont just hope that the other driver will cooperate and give you a fair settlement. You may have been injured in an auto accident lost a loved one in an accident or been the victim of wrongful death.

  • Car Accident Attorney Solromar

    Our extensive prior experience in car accident litigation coupled with our belief that thoughtful carefree representation is important to our firms values makes us knowledgeable and adaptable counsel when you are suffering from physical emotional or financial hardship due to your car accident. We know how financially straining auto accident injuries can be and we are here to help you navigate the world of legal recovery with dignity. Take Advantage of Our Free Consultation Call or fill out our Contact Form Now to Find out How We can Help You with Your Personal Injury Case. We have extensive experience helping automobile accident victims including families with young children through the complexities of the civil court system.

  • Vehicle Accident Lawyer Solromar

    When a car accident injury is caused by another persons carelessness or reckless behavior victims have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages for their losses. At E&D Car Accident Lawyers our focus is personalized care for each of our clients. Call us now You can call or email us to schedule a free consultation. We understand that you may have questions about the civil lawsuit and the auto accident itself.

  • Auto Accident Solromar

    Contact us if you need a car accident lawyer in the state of Solromar that specializes in car accidents. Your Solromar car accident lawyer can help you understand the best way to achieve full compensation for the injuries your child sustained without the added financial stress of a jury. In these cases it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the atfault driver. But the reality is most injury attorneys dont routinely handle accident victims who dont have medical bills in order and need a doctors note stating they were injured in an accident.


Client Feedback

  • My experience couldn't have better despite being involved in an unfortunate situation. Siv & Times Car Accident Attorneys were there for me when I needed them most. I would recommend them a million times over.

    Frank Colski
    Santa Barbara, California
  • Hard working crew, amazing at what they do! They simplified everything in an easy to follow way that made the process painless.

    Angela Duncan
    Mountain View, California
  • My case was handled in the most professional and diligent way making me extremely comfortable throughout the entire legal process.

    Sarah Williams
    La Jolla, California
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