Vera Brezhnev boasted filming in Russia

Вера Брежнева похвалилась съемками в России

The shooting took place near St. Petersburg.

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who moved to live in Russia, and is actively building a career in Moscow, praised role in the new film, reports the with reference to

“While I was doing a movie near St. Petersburg, which haven’t been able to tell and show his image, decided to recall a vacation that is already forgotten, and the happy photo of my June,” wrote the singer on his page on Instagram.

Some subscribers compared Brezhnev, another Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who also moved to live in Russia.

“When you can, be sure to tell us about the film and your role”, “Ukraine is not it time?”, “When will you release this movie?”, “Why are you in Ukraine was not so long ago? That, too, as Lorak gave up when we have a war going,” write the users of social networks in the comments.

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