Very elegant: Victoria Beckham at dinner with husband David and son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham

Despite strong employment and busy schedule, David and Victoria Beckham try as often as possible to spend time in the company of each other and their children. So yesterday the 43-year-old and his 44-year-old wife decided to go for dinner in one of Michelin-starred restaurants in London, along with his eldest son, 19-year-old Brooklyn.

Unlike many other stars, which are for family time in public places choose a very plain outfits, this collection was published, as a rule, in all its glory. And famous fashionista Victoria Beckham just give me a reason to showcase another one of their new look — and she certainly would use them.

Yesterday, the designer placed a bet on the elegant style she’s appeared in public in a pantsuit lemon color of its own brand and dark blue translucent blouse.

Favorite style of pants from Victoria (wide and long) did not allow us to see the shoes of the stars, so she has supplemented her bright ensemble, we can only guess. But certainly not done here without the classic high-heeled shoes that the designer loves so much.

Your hair Victoria removed the tail and straightened a few strands. Her makeup was restrained and made in nutovo brown.

The designer was clearly not in the mood to pose for photographers and came out of the restaurant, hurried to the car, so to see all the details of her image is extremely difficult. It is seen that accessory was her last hours (I think they are the same she wore the day before).

David and Brooklyn Beckham (they are, unfortunately, in the picture not included) were dressed to match the Victoria is a very stylish and elegant.

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