Victims of hurricane “Maria” was 22 times more than stated by the authorities of Puerto Rico

Жертв урагана «Мария» оказалось в 22 раза больше, чем заявляли власти Пуэрто-Рико

Victims of hurricane “Maria” was 22 times more than stated by the authorities of Puerto Rico

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: U.S. Navy Page/CC

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Received new data about the victims of hurricane “Maria” — the worst of the storms have afflicted Puerto Rico for the last 90 years. Of victims were over 1400 is 22 times more than the previously stated official sources.

Government of Puerto Rico, based on the updated statistics, informed Congress of the US, with September to December, 2017 on the island was recorded in 1427 deaths more than the average for the same period during the previous four years.

According to the report, which details a plan for the reconstruction of the free associated state of $139 billion, many people were the victims of the deadly consequences of a hurricane.

Most people were killed on 20 September, when the storm began, and in subsequent days and weeks, when on the island occurred a power failure, the traffic was labored, and emergency services were not enough resources for rapid recovery after a disaster. As a result, many sick and elderly people are unable to receive medical care.

A more accurate number of deaths from hurricane “Maria” is still a matter of debate. The government of Puerto Rico said that in the coming weeks, the George Washington University must submit a full report on the number of victims.

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