Vision disorders : a mobile application smart to help the sick every day.

Troubles de la vision : une application mobile futée pour aider les malades au quotidien.

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Glaucoma, macular degeneration related to age (AMD), diabetic macular edema (dme), cataract… The major problems of the vision to disrupt the lives of patients. Check out a new application smart that can make their lives easier : ViaOpta Daily* !

Troubles de la vision : une application mobile futée pour aider les malades au quotidien.Vision disorders : an application to better understand the daily lives of those who suffer from it.Color blindness : to know everything about this disorder of the visionTroubles of the vision : who do you see in this picture ?Orthoptist : to screen and rehabilitate the disorders of the visionDes mobile applications are effective to overcome the depression ?

In France, vision disorders affect 75 % of adults from the age of 20 years. Among the seniors, they are almost inevitable since 97 % of French people aged 60 years and older are affected.

To read a text, determine the color of an object, identify an object… vision disorders complicate the daily.

Symptoms of vision problems are varied : while the cataract “yellow” stage, AMD can make it appear a black spot in the center of vision and distort the lines, glaucoma can lead to the appearance of a “frame” and black blur in the periphery of the eye and diabetic retinopathy, as it may lead to “spotting” black and moving to the center of the field of vision.

To facilitate the daily lives of patients, Novartis has created the mobile application ViaOpta Daily. This application is a true “thumbs up” to all the people who suffer from a significant disorder of the vision.

Troubles de la vision : une application mobile futée pour aider les malades au quotidien.

Easy-to-use, this application is available for free on Apple’s app Store and the Google Play Store.

A few examples of features :

• With the function ” color ” (which specifies the color of the objects), ended the hesitations while getting dressed in the morning. The patients suffering from cataract, for example, will easily be able to choose their outfit.
• The function ” objects ” (which recognizes the specific objects of our environment) allows you to scan an object to identify it quickly.

• With the function ” text ” (which reads aloud the texts that were submitted to him), it will be easier to read the instructions for their medication. Also handy for reading the newspaper in the morning, with coffee…
• Practice the function ” magnifying glass ” (which grows the small print).

In short, a wizard all-in-one features, at all times, a voice guidance for optimal ease of use. This application will quickly become the partner in the daily lives of people with significant vision problems !

*Application of which the editor is Novartis Pharma AG

Ref : G65372 – September 2018


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