Vladimir Zelensky said, what is “servant of the people 3”

Владимир Зеленский рассказал, о чем будет "Слуга народа 3"

The humorous leader of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged that the team plans to shoot the sequel to love of the series already this year.

Famous Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky in his interview said that the team of the Studio “Kvartal 95” is currently busy filming the new Comedy “I, you, he, she”, but to make a new part of the “public Servants” they will be.

However, Vladimir noted that it may not be the TV show and feature film, as it off much easier than the whole season. But, there is a film or series, in any case, Studio “Kvartal 95” is planning to start work on the painting this year.

In addition, Zelensky has told about what problems are raised by the authors in the new season of the popular Ukrainian show “the Servant of the people”.

“We don’t turn the work under the policy. However, there are matters pressing. It is clear that this theme of peace in the country, the theme of the integrity of our country. I am worried about… I can’t see how people climb on the bins. Well, I can just look at it! The boys even “storm” this theme in “the Servant of the people”. This is a real problem. Want about some real and true things to say that are not only important to us creatively, but which is really “sick”, – says Vladimir.

Leading entertainment show “League of laughter” also has once again commented on his position about whether he plans to run for President of Ukraine. Zelensky said that the Studio “Kvartal 95” lives in a separate world from politics.

“Any story, whatever it was associated with politics, does not interest me. I’m not interested in any Association with all the people who have ever been in power in our country. For me it’s a completely different world. That they live in it. And we, “Kvartal 95″, I believe, live in a completely different world. The world is far from me, and I don’t want, frankly, to put that in all this, somewhere near them to run on the background of something waving and so forth,” he added.

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