Volkswagen announced plans to produce electric cars

Volkswagen озвучил план по выпуску электрокаров

The reorientation of Volkswagen electric cars pursues two main objectives.

Of such plans in relation to the development of electric vehicles said the Volkswagen.

The VW strategy for the production of electric vehicles is global. It involves the construction of 16 new production facilities and upgrading existing Assembly plants.

By 2020, the German auto giant plans to mass-produce annually up to 100 thousand electric cars of different brands. The main production VW will concentrate at its plant located in the city of Zwickau (East Germany).

First, the company wants to strengthen its position in the market, given the growing demand on cars with an electric motor.

Secondly VW wants to restore the earlier reputation. Recall that the manufacturer was the main defendant in diesel scandal in the United States.

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