Volkswagen shared ambitious plans to manufacture electric cars

Volkswagen поделился масштабными планами по производству электрокаров

In the near future the production will increase to 100,000 units per year.

A huge scandal that went down in history under the name of “Deselect” , forced the famous German automaker to radically change the strategy of development of car brands in General, according to the with reference to AvtoDream.

The new priority direction of the company now will be environmentally friendly transport. In an interview with reporters said a top Manager of Volkswagen Thomas Ulbrich.

He also noted that starting in 2020, the factory in Zwickau will produce up to 100,000 electric vehicles per year.

To do this, the company made a significant capital injection for the reconstruction and renovation of equipment of the production workshops. In addition, Volkswagen plans the construction of sixteen new plants.

The company wants as much as possible to gain a foothold in this niche. The rest of the eminent participants of the market also not asleep. The first mass model will be Volkswagen I. D.

Such a strategy seems logical. It is important that the marketers are not wrong in the calculations. The stated electric cars still have to buy.

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