Volunteer rescued 6 trapped in the cells of the dogs from the flood during a hurricane “Florence”

Волонтер спас 6 запертых в клетках собак от наводнения во время урагана «Флоренс»

Volunteer rescued 6 trapped in the cells of the dogs from the flood during a hurricane “Florence”

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Screenshot

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Sometimes because of human stupidity or indifference suffering innocent creatures. Fortunately, they come to the aid of those who, even in the most terrible conditions not indifferent to the fate of our smaller brethren.

One of these stories that conquered the Americans, was the rescue of six dogs that are left in the cells when the water satpura district because of the hurricane “Florence,” came quickly.

“Rescued six dogs in Leland (NC) after the owner left them closed in a street cage full of flood water that was rising rapidly. We pulled them, but by the time we left, the water was so high that they drowned. Take your Pets with you!”

Touching video posted on Twitter by a reporter-a freelancer Marcus Dipaolo, shows how the animals whine when they are being approached by volunteer Ryan Nichols of Longview (TX). After release from the cells of the frightened dog swim ashore and run away from the water.

This entry just a day gathered more than 5 million views, 168 likes and 60 thousand thousand reposts. Most people have left angry comments about the cruelty of dog owners and admired by the volunteers.

Hurricane “Florence” has killed 18 people, floods intensify

Weakened to a tropical depression, “Florence” continues to terrorize North Carolina. The number of victims has increased to 18 people, and associated flooding are becoming more dangerous and more destructive.

77 inches of rain: the deadly “Florence” brought record rain to North Carolina

Hurricane “Florence” dropped 30,58 inches (77 cm) of precipitation of Swansboro (NC), thus setting the record in the state.

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