Vyatrovich has issued a new statement about the cancellation of the day March 8

Вятрович выступил с новым заявлением об отмене выходного дня 8 марта

Director of the Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich explained why it is necessary to deprive the March 8 status of the day. He believes that removal of this attribute of the Soviet past, as the day of women’s struggle for their rights has nothing to do with the tradition of celebrating women’s day, which has remained in Ukraine since Soviet times. This viatrovych said the TV channel “Direct”.

The official reiterated that the cancellation of the output on March 8 he says for two years.

“I do not believe that the abolition of a holiday on March 8 is a step directed against women. On the contrary, I believe that in this way we can return this holiday — and I’m not going to cancel March 8 as a holiday, but only as the status of the day — primary meaning — the day of struggle for women’s rights”, — he said.

According to Viatrovych, “holiday cakes and bouquets” has nothing to do with the struggle for women’s rights.

“Look, in what countries is celebrated on March 8 as a day off. Russia, it seems, Angola, North Korea. That is far from those countries that can be called an example of women’s rights. So I think that the activists a different kind of feminist movements was to be on the contrary our allies to bring this holiday of a primary sense”, — said viatrovych.

as our country should celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Second world war in Europe together with the rest of Europe.

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