Walking Dead : the showrunneuse says more about the possible return of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan






The Walking Dead comes to offer us an incredible cliffhanger mid-season (oh it goes, if you can’t laugh…), and its showrunneuse announcement still a lot of changes to come.

In a few months, the flagship series of the AMC has lost two of its main characters, any sign of a consistent narrative, and even some of the spectators. But be careful, Angela Kang, new showrunneuse in charge of the raft of the medusa, has made it known that nothing was played on the actors to whom we have made our farewells.

As she explained to Deadline, they hope to rediscover soon Lauren Cohan.


It was well worth it getting upset in the first episodes…


“We always have a lot of hope for a future return of Maggie among us. “

Yet, the least one can say is that the actress, who did not even have the right to true goodbyes in the series, is well occupied. It will be, in effect, to the poster of the series Whiskey Rider in a few months.

The new showrunneuse, Angela Kang, recalled, nevertheless, with diplomacy that it would not insult the future, the last time jump performed by the scenario, allowing the authors to countless back-and-forth narrative.


Ah the good old days of discharge…


“This allows our stories to return back, and thus allows us to retrieve some of the characters, thanks to the construction of the narrative. So, in my eyes, there is still a lot of potential exciting, which allowed us to achieve extraordinary things within the series. “

And Andrew Lincoln in all this ? Officially attached to several feature films which are separated from the main plot of The Walking Dead, not sure that it casts the foot in the series. At least, not as an actor…

“We have been discussing something of interest very seriously, which is the staging. We have not yet considered what episodes or anything of that sort, but if he wants to achieve chapters of Walking Dead, I am convinced that he will do a fantastic job. “


Last day of filming for trio iconic

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