Walking the path of Martin Goodman Trail is finally complete (PICS)

Пешеходный путь Martin Goodman Trail наконец-то достроят (ФОТО)

After more than 24 years after the opening of the road Martin Goodman Trail Toronto government going to finally finish it.

Despite the fact that the trail runs along Toronto’s waterfront, has been around since 1984, on the section from Cherry Street to Leslie Street she interrupted, causing the majority of cyclists and pedestrians have to walk along the road which is not actually owned by the city.

Toronto mayor John Tory announced on Saturday, may 12, that will soon begin construction of the “final link” − totally enclosed walkway that will run along Unwin Avenue in the area from Cherry Street to Leslie Street.

“It (the trail) goes from the Humber Bay to the Eastern beaches and at the same time there is this vacant lot is almost a kilometer long, where people actually are safe and which differs in quality from the rest of the way − said tori. We are trying to fill similar gaps throughout the city. The network of pedestrian and cycle paths not so much sense if it has gaps”.

Tori said that the construction of the last section of the route is expected to begin in mid-July and end by November.

The city administration informs that on the trail will create recreational areas, and along it planted local trees and shrubs.

“People will be in safety, and the environment will also be safe, including wetlands, added tori. − I think that is a very important element. Sometimes to ensure it takes a little more time and money, but it’s important to us.”

The end of the road Martin Goodman Trail is included in the 10-year plan for the development of Cycling infrastructure, approved by the city Council of Toronto in 2016.

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