Wall Street, undecided, monitors the relationship China-USA

Wall Street, indécise, surveille les relations Chine-USA

Wall Street has evolved in a haphazard manner shortly after a opening up on Friday, reacting positively to comments from Donald Trump on the commercial war and the announcements of China to stem the slowdown in the economy.

Vers 14H20 GMT, the index feature of the New York stock Exchange, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which lost 0.08 per cent, to 25.689,75 points.

The Nasdaq index, with strong staining technology, was up 0.48% to 7.667,17 points, and the index expanded S&P 500 gained 0.19 per cent, at 2.813,80 points.

The New York stock Exchange had ended in scattered order on Thursday, after having hesitated for the whole session between a vote of the british Parliament in favour of a deferral of Brexit, chinese statistics deemed disappointing, and uncertainties related to the trade war: the Dow Jones rose 0.03 percent, and the Nasdaq composite had dropped 0.09 percent.

But in the evening of Thursday, Donald Trump has once again expressed his optimism about a future trade agreement with China, stating expect a decision within three to four weeks.

While these comments confirm that a summit between the american president and his chinese counterpart will take place not in march as originally anticipated, it suggests that “progress in the negotiations,” said analysts at Charles Schwab.

Perceived as a response to the commercial pressures of the United States, China adopted Friday at the Parliament a law intended to ensure equitable treatment to foreign investors in China.

In addition, Beijing has given a guarantee of action vis-à-vis the slowdown in the world’s second largest economy, a source of a concern in the world.

China will not let their economy slide under a ‘reasonable’ level and will appeal to a wide range of measures to support an activity, “under pressure”, was hammered Friday, the Prime minister Li Keqiang, not excluding possible interest rate cuts.

“Improvements on the front of the commercial, budgetary support… there has been nothing better … to support the markets since the beginning of the year,” said Patrick O’hare of Briefing.

– Starting with Facebook –

On the front indicators us industrial production rose slightly in February, but remained below the expectations of analysts, and is accompanied by a decline in the manufacturing sector.

The growth of manufacturing activity in the New York area is a little sagging in march, surprising negatively by analysts.

The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq were also observed prior to the opening for a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the attack against mosques in New Zealand, with 49 deaths.

Among the companies with a view Friday, Tesla, finances, fragile, and threatened by the securities regulators, unveiled Thursday, his Model Is a 4X4 leisure electrical awaited, which is supposed to compete with the German manufacturers from 2020. But investors welcomed freshly this announcement, including its calendar. The title was losing 4.41% for the.

Boeing dropped 1.29 per cent. The aircraft manufacturer announced on Thursday the suspension of deliveries of its passenger aircraft medium-haul 737 MAX, which have been banned temporarily from flight in the world after two recent accidents to aircraft of this type, one of Ethiopian Airlines, the other from Lion Air.

The “process of investigation” into the causes of the accident of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia, which has been 157 deaths, has begun in Paris, said Friday the airline Ethiopian Airlines.

Facebook dropped from 3.89%. The social network announced on Thursday the departure of Chris Cox, one of its historic members, at the time the group founded by Mark Zuckerberg is facing a cascade of problems, in particular linked to the exploitation of private data of its users.

On the bond market, the interest rate on the debt to ten years retreated to 2,582%, compared to 2,630% Thursday evening, and the one on the debt at 30 years fell to 3,007%, compared to 3,046% to the previous closing.