Walnut Studios, the artists found the new working environment after a fire this weekend (PHOTOS)

Художники Walnut Studios нашли новое рабочее пространство после пожара в эти выходные   (ФОТО)

Creative space Walnut Studios lost places as a result of the fire, which caused damage worth thousands of dollars.

Thursday the artistic Director of the Walnut Studio ilena Owl learned that her group will move into the building on Dupont St. and will be able to resume work much earlier than anticipated.

“We get together to enter the same space and everyone is very excited about this, because we can not separate as it should be one big family, she said. The new place is just wonderful: there’s a lot of light, all the walls painted white. Artists will be very happy in your new home.”

With the new space in Dupont many of the artists will return to work in the next few weeks, not in the next few months, as some had feared. Complicated financial side of the issue and the fact that many masters did not have insurance that covers damages from losses in the fire of art objects, materials and other things of that.

However, the city did not remain indifferent, through the mediation adviser Mike Layton Walnut Studios could get great conditions from the company for real estate development “Tas”.

“They offer us very low rent, because I know what happened to us, and that the artists lost everything,’ said the Owl. – They’re still mulling, but it seems that the rent here would cost us half, maybe three times cheaper than in Walnut is a very serious discount.”

Senior Director, management of property and assets “Tas” Kelly Rintoul said that Walnut Studios team discussions to find the best solution for their needs.

“Although we are still at the discussion stage, we know that we will be able to accommodate all Walnut 50 artists Studios throughout the period of fixation under one roof, to their Studio managed to put in order after the fire,” said Rintoul in his statement to CBC Toronto.

According to Owl, Walnut Studios was home to the “family” of the 45 artists in a large warehouse on Walnut Ave., which was formerly a canning factory.

Painters, sculptors, designers, jewelry manufacturers, photographers and set designers used the premises of the building and adjoined in the former shops, United by a common attic.

The fire happened this weekend, more than 50 firefighters and 15 units of special equipment were required in order to cope with the fire. No one was hurt. The wizard of Walnut Studios plan to meet at the scene of the fire on Saturday to dismantle the remains.

Meanwhile, the Owl says the feeling such support from residents made this a very difficult week bearable.

“I’m so happy because I see that our community rallied around us and really helped to survive this situation, it gave us a feeling of support, she said. I thought that this week I will be faced with devastating sadness and depression. Actually it wasn’t, it was a very positive and cool.”

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