Wanted by the police for domestic violence, he was found slain in a stalemate

Recherché par la police pour violences conjugales, il est retrouvé égorgé dans une impasse

The body without life of a man, aged thirty years, was found chemin des Tignes in le Cannet, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

It is a waterfront that has made the macabre discovery at an impasse Sunday, around 10.30 am, while he went to get his bread.

The victim had several wounds, including the neck, worn with a weapon. The milf has been slain.

The man was sought by police since Saturday night for domestic violence committed on his partner, who had to be hospitalized.

An autopsy will be performed in future in order to know the exact circumstances of the death.

The urban security of Cannes has been in charge of the investigation.