Wanted to agree: the Pentagon is ready for dialogue with Russia on arms control

Захотели договариваться: В Пентагоне готовы к диалогу с РФ по контролю над вооружениями

Assistant chief, U.S. Department of defense program of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, guy Roberts said that Washington is ready to dialogue on arms control with Moscow and Beijing, reports the Associated Press.

He also reminded that Russia a few years ago offered to make a Treaty of elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) multilateral, but, in his words, enthusiasm on the part of China, India and Pakistan, he saw.

“I think we should definitely be ready for a dialogue on arms control with Russia. Of course, it would be more useful to hold multilateral talks,” said Roberts.

Roberts stressed that only Russia and the United States were bound by the obligations of the INF Treaty, and noted the interest of the US administration in the dialogue on arms control. Enthusiasm on the part of Russia in this dialogue he also “saw”.