Watch out: how to secure store the products from germs and bacteria

Поберегись: как обезопасить магазинные продукты от микробов и бактерий

Frozen vegetables wash and immediately boil, simmer or fry if they are Packed in special packages. Before freezing these vegetables undergo some training — they are washed under strong water pressure. If you want to have the vegetables were crisp, wash and dry them, and then cook like fresh. Buying loose frozen vegetables, you have to understand that they are not protected from other people’s hands. They better be thoroughly washed.

Milk and dairy products. Packages and bottles of milk, drinking yogurt should be washed before access to microbes on the surface of the package does not get inside. On the supermarket shelf products take in the hands of different people, for example, to read what is the shelf life. In addition, the products put on quite contaminated feed conveyor near the cash register.

Drink soda, juice in tin cans do not rush to open until you wipe the lid with a damp cloth. For many, the comfort of the store, immediately apply them to your lips or give drink to the child. But the cans go a long way before the counter of the store: they are transported in dusty machines stored in the warehouse.

Frozen fish. Under the action of low temperature, all the bacteria are destroyed in the fillet, so wash it after thawing is not necessary. However, after butchering fish should be well washed hands, cutting Board and knife.

Any cabbage — cauliflower, broccoli, red or white — should be well washed, disassembled on inflorescences or pry off two or three of the upper layer with leaves, behind which may hide the dust and sand. From bacteria or insects can be removed by soaking the cabbage for a few minutes in water with vinegar. Then the vegetable should again be rinsed with water.

All green leafy vegetables it is important to thoroughly rinse. Separate the lettuce or parsley is soaked for some minutes in clean cold water and then lay on paper towels to glass excess fluid.

Apples can be good to clean if you leave them in water with addition of baking soda to 12 minutes. Studies have shown that this removed from the surface even pesticides.

As previously reported “FACTS” in Ukraine has been registered a case of listeriosis infection, which in Europe has killed ten people. Contracting listeriosis can, eating foods that contain dangerous bacteria (cereals, vegetables, dairy or meat products, particularly vacuum-Packed).

Photo by Sergei TUSHINO, “FACTS”

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