Waterfall in new York turned into a raging stream in the flood (live)

Водопад в Нью-Йорке превратился в бушующий поток из-за наводнения (прямая трансляция)

Waterfall in new York turned into a raging stream in the flood (live)

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Screenshot

flood new York USA

The Sheriff of the County of Seneca (new York) Tim Lutz today (August 14) morning declared a state of emergency due to heavy rains that caused severe flooding.

Users of social networks have posted a few videos where you can see how the streets are drowning in incessant streams, and cars half filled with water. And one of the reporters NEWS 8 has launched a live broadcasting with the view of the falls Montour Falls, located in the eponymous village, which turned into a raging stream.

People are urged to stay in their homes or move to higher ground if the water level rises, “said Lutz.

According to the Department of emergency situations, in the County dropped about 5 inches (12 cm) of precipitation. Lutz reported that many roads are currently flooded, so they had to close. Many Internet users share tips what places are best avoided, where at all dangerous to drive.

Today also reported that the state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo will hold a press conference at Sunset. It is expected that it will examine the scale of the damage from the air.

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