Wauquiez “not favorable” to the future privatization of ADP

Wauquiez "pas favorable" à la future privatisation d'ADP

The president of the Republicans Laurent Wauquiez said on Thursday that they were “not favourable” to the eventual privatization of Airport Paris, which would be used “to plug the holes in the budget”.

“I’m not in favour,” said Laurent Wauquiez on BFMTV/RMC, indicating that this was “not by ideology, not by principle.” “It is of the subjects on which I am very open”. “I look at how much it pays back, and the feeling that I have, is that it gives away the family jewels to plug the holes in the budget”, he lamented.

“The United States airports are not privatised”, he also noted.

“Secondly, ADP has done rather a good job, the airport of Paris is improved, the traffic has increased, they handled it well”, continued the president of the region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

“Thirdly, there has been a privatization in France it is Toulouse. It was very wrong, a disaster”.

Laurent Wauquiez has also held that “the operation has been done too quickly. I ask the government to relax, not to act in the emergency.”

For his part, Gerard Larcher, the president RL of the Senate, recalled on LCI that “the Senate is not in favour of the privatisation of ADP,” because “it is a strategic asset that deserves to be revisited”. “The question posed by the Senate is not a matter of ideology classical right/left, but it is to say is that ADP is a strategic asset,” he said.

“The Senate has made the regulatory element” and “the government must think about it,” said Mr. Larcher.

For his part, the president RL of the region Ile-de-France Valérie Pécresse said on Twitter, “not opposed to the privatisation of ADP if the necessary guarantees are given by the law (curfew at Orly, tariffs, border security, renewal of the concession)”.

“The region needs to be able to participate in the governance to defend the ile-de-france”, added Ms. Pécresse.

Wednesday, Édouard Philippe has estimated that the operation of the public group ADP was “vastly improved upon” to defend the disputed project of the government to transfer all or part of its stake of 50.6% in the company managing Roissy and Orly.

In front of the members of parliament during questions to the government, the Prime minister suggested that the State was not the best shareholder as possible, in defending the choice of a concession of 70 years and a sale of shares of the State in order to free funds “useful” to contribute to the Fund of disruptive innovation that wants to create the executive.