We are the corals: an example from the stars learn to wear main colour 2019

Bella Hadid / Doutzen Croesus

Last week Pantone announced the top color for next year — it was a shade 16-1546 titled “Live coral”. It should be noted that the organization in this case is not a predictor, but rather the analyst explores only Pantone, what color were most often and produces the result.

Takes into account not only fashion shows but also art exhibitions, colors of cars, street style, cinema. Therefore, in the case of coral must not worry — the color has already captured our minds, and Pantone just confirmed it. This is not easy, at first glance, the shade many celebrities have already been introducing to your closet earlier — it’s time to learn from their example!

Bella Hadid

What color is this?

Vice-President at Pantone, Laurie Pressman described the shade “live coral” as energetic and associated with carelessness, so that a new color has arrived just in time for the winter loss of strength, and be saved from the spleen can not only vitamins, but also new clothes. For those who have artistic images of the relationship was not very prepared and more articulate description color: coral (pink-orange) with Golden undertones.


How to wear this?

As in any bright colors, coral shades are best used sparingly. It is also worth to observe that in the same way combine different shades of this color: if you want a total look, it is best to choose a dress or a Romper.

Taylor Hill

Martha Hunt

Karlie Kloss

In addition to basic shades like black, beige and white, coral looks great and more daring combinations. For example, with a dark emerald or fuchsia here, however, should also know when to stop, and take one of the shades of the role of the second plan. So, contrasting accessory or decor item will make an image more memorable.

Show Alexis Mabille Haute Couture spring/summer 2018

Who is going?

Restrictions on character types there are no coral can carry and blondes, and brunettes. However, owners of light skin tone is gently wear these shades for sure, it is better to shift coral accent in the bottom part, preferring skirts or pants.

Kate Middleton

What exactly is try?

Particularly impressive shade of “live coral” looks smooth flowing fabrics like silk and satin, so you should look at the dresses-combinations and blouses, but from the excessive layering — for example, big skirts — should be abandoned.


In addition to accessories, a great way to begin a new trend — underwear. Delicate coral shades — a great alternative to the usual day-to-day palette of black and white, gray and Nude shades.


Doutzen CroesusHailey Baldwin

And you will try a new trendy color?

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