We are the first EU country to impose sanctions against Russia because of the aggression in the Kerch…

Стало известно, какая страна ЕС первой введет санкции против России из-за агрессии в Керченском...

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania appealed to the migration Department under the Ministry of internal Affairs with the proposal to include in the sanctions list of persons who participated in the aggression against the Ukrainian warships and their crew in the Kerch Strait. About it reported in Department.

The Ministry said that Lithuania condemns the actions of these individuals are a gross violation of international law and pose a serious threat to international and Lithuanian national security.

According to the Ministry, the actions of these individuals is a gross violation of international law and a serious threat to international and Lithuanian national security.

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs strongly condemns these actions of the Russian Federation, testifying to a new escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine, which has continued for more than four years”, — stated in the message.

Also, the Republic of Lithuania urges the Russian Federation to immediately stop aggressive actions against Ukraine, immediately and without any conditions to release Ukrainian detainees and prisoners, members of their crews.

The Lithuanian foreign Ministry also actively consults with other members of the international community regarding the necessary countermeasures against Russia.

Thus, Lithuania became the first EU member state that initiated the process of imposing sanctions in response to recent Russian aggression in the sea.

As previously reported “FACTS” on the morning of November 25, Russia blocked the passage in the Kerch Strait the Ukrainian tugboat “Yana Kapu” and boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”, which carried out a planned transition from Odessa to Mariupol. When you exit the Kerch Strait, the Russian ships opened fire on the Ukrainian ships, which were returning to Odessa, and have not received information about the possibility of crossing the Strait. The invaders captured Ukrainian soldiers 24. Three of them were injured. The Ukrainians were accused of illegally crossing the border of the Russian Federation (part 3 article 322 of the Russian criminal code, the punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years). All the prisoners were arrested the so-called “court” in the Crimea, after which they moved to Moscow SIZO “Lefortovo” and “sailor’s silence”.

In this regard, November 26, the Verkhovna Rada supported the introduction of martial law in ten regions of the country. In addition, the Ukrainian side in the Tripartite contact group demanded the immediate release of the sailors, without any conditions or exchanges, as they are prisoners of war.

Photo: the flags of Ukraine and Lithuania

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