Weather in Ukraine: after the rains and wet snow is a sharp warming

Погода в Украине: после дождей и мокрого снега идет резкое потепление

February 17, will begin in Ukraine warming, the temperature will rise up to 11 degrees. It is reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on the page in Facebook.

In the coming days the day temperature in most regions of Ukraine will exceed zero degrees.

“Will be +1 … + 5 degrees. The freshest air will be in the East and North-East of Ukraine, even in the afternoon from 1 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.

By the way, in the Eastern part of Ukraine and in Sumy and Chernihiv regions, it is assumed the lowest night temperature -2 …- 7 degrees, in places up to -8 … -10 degrees. The rest of the territory of Ukraine during the night the thermometer will range from 2 degrees to 4 degrees below zero, ” writes forecaster.

According to the forecast Didenko, at the end of this week and early next week, 17 February, weather in Ukraine will change: will a warming. Day temperature will be +2 … + 7 degrees. Highest temperatures will be in the Western and southern regions of the country: +5 … + 11 degrees.

On 15 and 16 February in the Western regions, in the North and in the Central part of the possibility of rain and sleet. The phase of precipitation will depend on the air temperature.

The first half of next week, Monday through Wednesday, is expected to be in Ukraine with a dry comfortable air mass.

The forecaster reports that the weather in Kiev before the end of the week will be cloudy with a slight chance of rain. 15 February, at Candlemas, and on 16 February, in places of possible wet snow. Black ice on the roads. Air temperature will fluctuate at night in the limits of -1 … -4 degrees expected in the afternoon 0 … + 3 degrees.

17 Feb partly cloudy weather is expected. Once the temperature increases during the day will warm to +3 … + 6 degrees.