WestJet gets along with regional drivers

WestJet Airlines and its 510 regional pilots have reached an agreement in principle regarding their collective agreement.

The Calgary-based airline announced Friday that the agreement with WestJet Encore pilots would be presented to the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) for ratification. WestJet did not disclose the details of the deal.

This agreement comes more than three months after an arbitrator set the terms of the first collective agreement between the company and its approximately 1600 other pilots, also represented by ALPA.

Pilots voted to join the union in May 2017, marking an important cultural shift in the airline, which is expanding internationally.

In August, WestJet’s 3000 flight attendants voted for their membership in the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

ALPA represents pilots of WestJet’s core business, as well as its very low-cost subsidiary, Swoop, and WestJet Encore.