What are the different types of prosthetics: 4 things you should know for sure!

Какие бывают виды протезирования зубов: 4 вещи, о которых вы должны знать обязательно!

Today in the Arsenal of dentists and orthopedic surgeons an impressive Arsenal of dentures, each of which has its own characteristics. Complete or partial absence of teeth affects the choice of method of prosthetics and material for dentures.

Because of the types of prosthetics is really a lot, to understand what is best for you personally, is not easy. What are dentures and what are the characteristics of each species, we found the consultants of the online service on the selection of clinics dental services 103.UA.

Fully removable denture

Popularly known as false teeth. This prosthesis is designed for patients who have lost all teeth and their roots, so to fix the prosthesis completely. A modern, fully-removable dentures are constructed with suction cups. This is a special flexible parts that are in contact with the gums and snug against him, creating a vacuum between the denture and the gum. To strengthen the snug fit helps the special cream for dentures, which should be applied to the suction Cup jaws each time before you wear it.

Removable partial dentures

Varieties are numerous, so everyone can choose a suitable price and quality. “For example, there are acrylic dentures, which are attached to the remains of their teeth on the hooks. They are lightweight and affordable, however their durability is somewhat limited,” — told the experts of the portal 103.UA.

Coating with acrylic on a frame made of metal is already a partial denture. It has several fastening technologies — telescopic, hooks and microsomes. Durable and compact, they are comfortable to wear but are more expensive than the previous one.

Nylon dentures — partial dentures that are very simply attached to the adjacent teeth do not require special technology installation, easy and flexible to work with.

Types of crowns on teeth

A crown is a microdenture, simulating a healthy tooth. It is attached on your own the rest of the tooth with a healthy (cured) roots. Tooth grind to the desired size, and then at him, like a cap, fits over and secures the crown.

Types of crowns:

  • metal;
  • metal-ceramic;
  • ceramic;
  • the Zirconia;
  • the aluminium oxide.

Sometimes crowns are United in the group, then this construction is called the bridge. There are several types of bridge mount — implanted in the jaw the pin or on the adjacent teeth.

Minor damage teeth

Какие бывают виды протезирования зубов: 4 вещи, о которых вы должны знать обязательно!

The achievement of the last decade in dentistry — the possibility of using small poliproteinov to eliminate unsightly dentition, make beautiful teeth and protect from further destruction. We are talking about the technology of veneers.

Veneers are thin overlays on teeth, hiding the traces of treatment of teeth irregularities, caries, stone, etc. were Treated and prepared teeth are covered with veneers and they look naturally and effectively at the same time. Veneers — not a cheap pleasure, but the technology has found many fans around the world, becoming one of the most requested procedures of prosthetics.

There are also simplified versions of veneers is Lumineers, which are made even thinner veneers and look more natural. Which option to choose — will tell the doctor.

Choosing an option for tooth replacement, explore alternatives and techniques before settling on a particular method. Ideally, the dentist should help you make the best decision based on your anatomical features and the upcoming scope of work, because this will depend on the result of prosthetics.

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