What are the names of the most trend in 2019 ?

Quels seront les prénoms les plus tendance en 2019 ?

Gabriel, Louise, Leo, Emma… What names will be popular in 2019 ? Stéphanie Rapoport, co-author of the Official names of 2019 to appear tomorrow, we replied.

Quels seront les prénoms les plus tendance en 2019 ?Boy’s name : ideas and the most unusual of starsTatouage henna pregnant, a good idea ?10 ideas for first names elfiques10 ideas of names chinois10 ideas of first names medieval

What will be the first names in fashion in 2019 ? According to the book of reference, The Official names of 2019 published Thursday editions First*, the first names that will be given next year are in part the same as the names of 2018. The small Gabriel, Leo and Louise are still many to see the light of day in the maternity hospitals in one year.

The name most likely in 2019 next boy will be Gabriel. Louis is second in the ranking : “it may be due to an effect in Addition to the Channel, with the birth of the third child of Kate Middleton and prince William”, evokes Stéphanie Rapoport, co-author of the book, with Clear Tabarly Perrin.

Raphael placed third. Leo and Adam will also be part of names must in the year 2019. Follow it in the list Jules, Lucas, Maël, as well as Hugo and Liam. In addition, names that are short, for some from the Old Testament, and rather easy to write. “Aaron and Isaac are also included in the ranking“ reveals the specialist, not without surprise.

Names retro also for girls

Side girls, favorite names this year are also always a favorite of parents. Small change for the next year : the first name Emma bested that of Louise, which will remain in vogue. “The first names retro are still very present,” note the co-author, listing Jane, Pink, or even Juliette.

The names Jade, Alice and Mila follow, just as Chloé, Ines, Lina, Leah and Lena. “First names with a sound that Has work very well,” she said, noting a surge in names ending also in “-ia” : Victoria, Olivia, Mia…. “These names have, in addition, an international dimension”, adds the specialist.

Babies first name “Erasmus”

It is the novelty that note, Stéphanie Rapoport. The names that the two authors call “chameleons” have their place in the rankings. They are compatible with many different cultures, such as the first name Lina for a girl, “which is the time of origin Greek, Arabic, but also chinese”. Adam, Noah, Eden are also names multicultural : they have resonances in several religions.

Quels seront les prénoms les plus tendance en 2019 ?

(*) To learn more about the first name, the next trend, their meaning and their history : visit The Official names of 2019, Stéphanie Rapoport and Clear Tabarly Perrin, to be published Thursday, October 18, editions First.

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