What can tell excessive sweating: medical answers

О чем может рассказать чрезмерная потливость: ответы медиков

This symptom must, as a minimum, to alert you.

Absolutely healthy person can be sweating profusely in very hot weather or during heavy physical exertion. In other cases, excessive sweating is supposed to make people closer look at their health and try to find its cause.

Doctors told, what may indicate excessive perspiration:

You worry too much. Stressful situations provoke the release of adrenaline in the blood, whereby the sweat secreted in greater quantities than in the moments when a quiet man.

Have you gained weight? Overweight is not only a stress to the body, and heavy load, which can be equated to sports. Therefore, people with obesity you can even be surprised that they sweat heavily.

Hormonal changes. Sweating often concerned about the fairer sex at puberty and menopause.

You have finished a course of antibiotics. It turns out that this type of medicinal drugs that fight bacteria affects the intestinal flora, causing increased sweating.

Hyperthyroidism. A disease of the thyroid gland involving excessive production of hormones.

Sharp decline in the level of glucose in the blood also causes profuse sweating, it was cold and sticky.

During pregnancy one of the first symptoms might be excessive sweating. The reason for this is hormonal changes in the body as mentioned above.

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