What family, friends and boyfriend gives Kylie Jenner a birthday

Kylie Jenner

Last month Kylie Jenner appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine as one of the young entrepreneurs in the world with a fortune of $ 900 million earned in the beauty business. Yesterday, the girl met his 21st birthday and celebrated this important milestone together with her sisters and close friends. But all followers Kylie was only concerned with one question: what gave her.

Kylie Jenner

Details of gifts received, the girl shared in Snapchat. So first I congratulated her boyfriend – 26-year-old rapper Travis Scott. He gave her a luxurious vintage car white, which was tied with a bow of red ribbon on the bumper.

Earlier in February this year after the birth of their first common daughter Stormy young man gave his beloved expensive car Bentley, which cost him $ 1.4 million.

While the star mom was considering a new vehicle in her collection, the proud father was holding a six-month Stormy, who was smiling and was happy for his mother.

Travis Scott and Stormy




In addition, Travis posted a photo with imeninnitsa in Instagram and wrote her greeting.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

Happy birthday, wifey. I love you. May God continue to bless you and your spirit. This means that your life will have even more power and Majesty,

— he signed his post.

One of the gifts from friends Kylie’s pink ping pong table, on which was written the name of the girl with big font and stood beside the figure 21.

But Kris Jenner has pleased his daughter is so huge case of makeup that many members began to joke about the fact that she would keep it not use makeup products and your millions.

The girl gave a brilliant decoration of balloons, which was the inscription “21 stellaaa”.

But most of all the gifts Kylie was excited to spend time close to his beloved family and little Stormy.

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