What habits will give someone who changes partner

Какие привычки выдадут того, кто изменяет партнеру

There are some signals that give the apostate, writes Today.

Before you the seven habits of people tend to change their partner:

They are extremely suspicious

People who can’t be trusted, he is not able to trust anyone. Partner you are suspicious? If so, then you have a reason to think about why this is happening. The man, whose stigma of a gun, he never trusts, the website Relrules.

They are too gentle with you

So they are trying to stifle the guilt. If the partner really didn’t feel anything, I would have just broke up with you. If the person remains, then, still feels an emotional connection with you. He doesn’t like the fact that it (behind your back) making things, learning about them, you will experience pain. And trying to redeem himself in his own eyes, showing to you excessive kindness and love.

Apostate is very active in sexual life

You may think that sex life even years later – a sign that your relationships are all good. Possible, Yes, but perhaps it means the opposite. In humans, unfaithful is extremely a lot of sexual energy. He will be more than enough for partner, and lovers (mistresses). Excessive activity in the sexual life are common to many cheaters and two-timers.

They don’t trust you my number

This is one of the most common habits of cheating. Such a person will never leave your phone unattended because she’s afraid that you will find there’s incriminating facts.

The reputation of the apostate goes at their heels

He’s already cheated on someone before? This is one of the most common characteristics of such people. If the person cheated on in past relationships, probably in the new he will follow the same path.

They can lie about anything

Yes, sometimes people cheat, but not as often and as skillfully as apostate. Such people can lie about anything. Apostate is a pathological liar. If you understand that the partner is constantly lying about one thing or another – it is a cause for concern.

They are constantly checking messages/calls

The habit of constantly checking your cell phone is another sign that the partner may be unfaithful to you. Of course, it can work, and it needs continuous communication with employees. Yes, it happens, but in most cases not on a regular basis.

If nothing changes, then at some point you have to think about. Who knows, maybe your partner uses the phone so often not work?